A salad for breakfast? Hells yes!


Having trouble hitting the recommended daily vegetable quota of AT LEAST 5 servings? Try adding a salad for breakfast! Yes, a big, mean, green, crunchy garden salad. Now, before you burn me at the stake for suggesting you pimp up your cereal with some lettuce, hear me out.  Sometime not too long ago, I used to be one of those cereal or toast for breakfast kinda girls. That’s what I was craving. There’s nothing more comforting than some warm toast slathered in peanut butter, right? The thing is … I started to notice a severe dip in energy about a half hour after breakfast (not so cool during your morning drive to school…let’s face it, when you are bumper to bumper and barely moving, it is quite easy to nod off).

One day I was sitting in my Symptomatology class at IHN and my instructor said as a general rule and especially for those having difficulty regulating blood sugar, it’s wise to consume about 15-30 g of protein within 30 min of waking up. A lightbulb went off in my head! How come no one has told me this until now?! My breakfasts up until this point had consisted of carbs, carbs and more carbs. It’s no wonder my energy and not to mention my mood was yo-yoing all day long. I spent the next week incorporating more protein into my breakfasts – either having a vegetarian protein shake, eggs or some left over meat from dinner, along with breakfast. Low and behold, I noticed those dips start to disappear and my energy remained more steady throughout the entire day. Pretty darn cool!

Okay, so back to the salad. When having eggs or meat as my protein source for breakfast, I was thinking what the heck can I have along with this? Cereal didn’t fit and I was beginning to crave it less anyways. I had once heard some insane person suggest having veggies with EACH meal, including breakfast, but I always laughed it off and maintained that a bit of fruit was good enough for breakfast. But, being a nutrition student, I thought it wise to experiment a bit. And let me tell you – I was pleasantly surprised.

Fast forward to today and what you see in this post is now my typical breakfast – fry up a few eggs (coconut oil, butter or ghee are good fats for this), throw together some field greens with half an avocado sliced on top (and whatever other raw veggies you are a fan of), dress it up with some apple cider vinegar and olive oil and voila! I must say that for me, the avocado is key, especially if you are a salad for breakfast virgin, because let’s face it, avocado makes everything taste better and as a bonus it is filled with healthy fats and a ton of fibre. To get some good carbs in there, why not dice up a turnip or sweet potato and cook with some garlic and onions – yum! If you are a vegetarian or vegan try adding some raw nuts and seeds to your salad and enjoy it with a hemp (or any other vegetarian sourced protein) shake filled with a handful of fresh berries and almond milk


So be daring and give the salad a try. You might be surprised when you wake up one day and start salivating with visions of raw breakfast salads dancing in your head. How do you like to incorporate more veggies into your day? Please share below 🙂


4 responses to “A salad for breakfast? Hells yes!

  1. I have heard the 30 grams of protein for a while too, pretty much ever since I started actually learning about real health. My psych teacher finally made it clear to me why this was. He was a physical therapist and took many nutrition classes before becoming a teacher and he said it was because before we wake up our bodies start to turn the stored energy we have into sugars. He said this was because back in the day we could have been woken up by anything, bears, birds, rocks, or enemies and it was a kind of defense mechanism to prepare for physical activity. Therefore the idea of eating carbs in the morning made less sense since that would just increase our blood sugars even more.

    Not sure how i intentionally incorporate veggies into every meal but i just try to eat them period. every. meal. period.

    • Awesome info! Thanks Johnny 🙂 I hadn’t had a chance yet to look up the “why” it works, I just tried it out and it made a HUGE difference. What we eat for breakfast really does effect blood sugar and therefore energy and mood for the rest of the day – so get your protein on in the AM!

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