Opening the Doors

open door

Not only do you have to make sure that there are no underlying issues with your organs of elimination before beginning your detox (i.e. fatty liver, kidney damage), but you also need to open the doors of elimination. If your bathtub drain is clogged up with hair, it’s wise to clean it out before having a shower, unless you want your shower to turn into a bath! Likewise, before we start moving toxins out of the body, mainly through the liver, kidneys and colon and then through the lungs and skin, we need to be sure there are no drainage issues. This helps to reduce the likelihood of reabsorbing toxins and also ensures you get maximum benefit out of your detox.

A few weeks to a month before your detox, it’s wise to start opening up those doors and supporting the elimination process.

Here are some suggestions:

Kidneys – water, green drinks, foods with chlorophyll
Liver – bitters, sulphur-rich foods, castor oil pack over liver with heat at bedtime
Bowel – castor oil packs over abdomen with heat at bedtime, coffee enema, colonic, water, fibre
Skin – skin brushing, sweating, infrared sauna, ionic spa
Lymphatics – rebounding, skipping, movement
Lungs – deep belly breathing, alternate nostril breathing, moderate exercise

Many of these practices can actually be incorporated into your daily routines and then when it comes to detoxing, your body will already be prepared.

The role of homeopathics in opening the doors of elimination cannot be overstated here. There are several UNDA numbers (by Seroyal) that are especially helpful, as they support the detoxification systems within each cell (intra-cellular), in a process called “biotherapeutic drainage”. The UNDA numbers are usually combined in a set of three to target a specific organ or set of organs and are generally taken for three weeks on and one week off. At three weeks,the practitioner will re-asses the client’s situation and may change the numbers, or take a different course of action.

unda 243Unda 243 is a hepatic cell drainer.

So remember, in order to take out the trash, you must first open the door!


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