Why do I march?


Okay, I admit it. I actually had trouble sleeping last night because I was so very excited about the March Against Monsanto today. I have to leave for work soon, but felt moved to write a quick post about why I will march with thousands (hopefully millions) of people today in this global event.

Here goes:

1. I believe in food justice and food freedom for all – each individual has the right to healthy fruits,vegetables, meat, grains, etc. that have not been genetically altered or contain GM ingredients. Monsanto’s goal is to takeover the seed and make it so that all seeds are GM. Ultimately, their aim is to control our food supply. What is their motive? Certainly not our health and well-being. It comes down to corporate control, greed and MONEY!

2. The health risks of GM foods are still relatively unknown and have not been independently studied for long enough. The few studies that have come under the spotlight have raised a lot of questions about their safety for human consumption. Frankly, I am not convinced that GM foods do not play a role in a plethora of modern chronic conditions, such as leaky gut, autoimmune disease and allergies. We are basically the test subjects (without consent) in the largest human-based experiment in history.

3. GM foods are detrimental to the environment on many levels. Once introduced into our ecological system, these genes cannot be retracted and are spread via pollination and cross-contamination. No one knows the full consequences of this yet. One of the claimed benefits of GM plants is that they require less spraying with toxic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. However, what’s happening is that these crops are actually requiring more spraying after the first few years, as “superweeds” pop up that are resistant to the chemicals. Stronger and even more toxic chemicals similar to Agent Orange are being looked at now to control the pests and weeds that have become resistant.

4. I believe that a truly sustainable food system is local and organically grown. We don’t need harmful pesticides, herbicides and insecticides to grow food. We grew food without it just fine before the invention of these chemicals. The claim that GMOs are necessary to feed everyone in the world is simply false. Ultimately, organic crops that nurture the health of the soil and utilize natural pest control methods can outperform GM crops (which only seem to produce greater yield in the initial years of production), in terms of yield and definitely in terms of quality and nutrition density. I will take it one step further and say that permaculture methods are the way of the future in order to reclaim the health of our planet and ourselves! Also, let’s all grow our own food in our backyards or community gardens!

5. Unfortunately, a great number of people are still in the dark about the severity of GM foods and companies like Monsanto taking over our food system. Since GM foods do not legally require labelling in Canada, and the majority of the United States, people are simply not aware that they are consuming GMOs on a daily basis. So, the last reason why I march is for all of my fellow people who are being taken by Monsanto without their knowledge or consent. At the very least, we are asking for labelling of these GM foods so that consumers have a true choice at the supermarket as to what they feed their families. Ultimately, I believe there needs to be a worldwide ban on GMOs – the risks are just too great! Countries like Germany, France and New Zealand have already removed and banned Monsanto from their food supply. It’s time we wake up and do what needs to be done to protect humanity!

Please join me today!  No matter where you are there should be a March Against Monsanto you can participate in. Please check here for a march in your area.

For all my fellow Torontonians, here’s the event page and I hope to see you @ St. James Park by 2pm today! Come say hello and introduce yourself if you see me 🙂

In a nutshell, that is why I march!

Why will you be marching against Monsanto today? Please share in the comments section below 🙂



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