What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

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A holistic nutritionist has studied health from the perspective that optimal wellness is achieved when all aspects of our being are aligned and thriving. This means that along with the nutritional aspect, a holistic nutritionist looks at the physical, environmental, emotional and spiritual components of an individual and can make specific diet and lifestyle recommendations to aid in the healing process and help bring the client back into balance.

Holistic nutritionists use food as medicine and understand how food affects hormones, mood, energy levels, weight and longevity.  In addition to diet and lifestyle recommendations, supplements may be selected to aid in the correction of any nutrient deficiencies or imbalances and help the body to heal. However, supplements can never take the place of a nutrient dense diet and are not used for the sole purpose of dealing with symptoms – the root cause of a health concern is always addressed.

When creating an individualized eating plan, a holistic nutritionist takes several factors into consideration – allergies and sensitivities, any current health conditions (i.e. autoimmune), likes/dislikes, activity level, your personal health goals, metabolic type, nutrient deficiencies, digestive capacity, etc. There are many variations of a healthy diet and what might work well for one person, may make another person sick.

As part of the holistic health modality, holistic nutritionists educate their clients and groups on the importance of eating whole foods and challenge them to expand their view of healthy eating to include how our food is grown and its impact on our health and the environment. Farming practices (conventional vs. organic, genetically modified organisms, local food vs. food coming from afar, etc.), the packaging of foods, as well as how the meat and fish we eat are raised, are all important and often overlooked considerations.

Let’s face it, eating well and staying healthy seems to have become quite complicated in modern society. A holistic nutritionist can help guide you back to a more balanced, simple and positive relationship with food and help you to navigate through all of the conflicting nutrition information, propaganda and fads that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.


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